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You might have heard of a building and pest inspection, especially when buying a new home; to some it seems like a formality, but in some cases, it can save you a lot of time and heartache.

BMC Inspections on the Gold Coast are your building and pest inspection experts; we specialise in pre-purchase building and pest inspections.

Our services include:

Dilapidation reports

Do you have a Robina property that you need a dilapidation report for?

We will provide a full dilapidation report that you can use for official purposes. As we are insured and licensed you can rely on our dilapidation report to provide the knowledge you need in understanding the condition of your Robina property.

Rental inspections

At home you notice the little odd jobs that need doing, but when you don’t have access to your investment property you might find that small things that aren’t done can turn into much bigger and more costly jobs if left unattended. Get a rental inspection for your Robina property and ensure your investment is in the best condition possible, both on and below the surface.

New homes inspection

When you invest in a new home, everything might look good on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper the cracks might literally start to show. By spending a nominal fee on a building inspection, you can ensure your Robina home is built to code, to standard and to the specifications you have laid out in the plans. BMC Inspections on the Gold Coast will ensure you have all the information to ensure the home you receive is the home you purchased.

Pre-sale building and pest inspection

When selling your home why not get a pre-sale building and pest inspection? If any issues are identified you can resolve them prior to going to market, and you get peace of mind knowing there are no nasty surprises in the pre-purchase building and pest inspection that your potential buyer will most likely do.

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections

You wouldn’t buy a car without looking under the bonnet and taking it for a test drive, so why would you buy a home without getting someone to check that it’s structurally sound?

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is a great way to check that your Robina home or investment property is in a good state of repair. BMC Inspections also look at major defects, minor defects, safety hazards, termites and other pests.

Building and pest inspections how you expect them to be

When you are buying or selling a home in Robina, call on BMC  Inspections to perform your thorough building and pest inspection. Why? Because we are:

  • Licensed and insured.
  • We are totally independent, and we issue our report within 24 hours.
  • Everything is private and confidential.
  • All our inspections are in accordance with current Australian standards.

Don’t let your Robina dream home become a nightmare

If you are going to make a hefty investment into property, call BMC Inspections on the Gold Coast for a building and pest inspection and let us do some due diligence for you. Don’t let your Robina dream home become a nightmare by calling 0405 251 697 today.

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