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Our Services

Combined Building & Pest Inspections

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection can save you thousands of dollars in rectifying problems in the future.


Your report will include:

  • Details of all major defects including structural issues that can cause further damage to the property.
  • Details of minor defects that are cosmetic and items that may require periodic maintenance.
  • Safety hazards that may cause harm.
  • Evidence of timber pests whether active or not.
  • Photographic record of all defects.


This report will empower you to negotiate a better deal on your new home.

Pre-Sale Building Inspection

Make sure that your house is free from defects to gain the top dollar for your property.  We will inspect your property and advise on the areas that require attention before you list your property. These issues can be fixed before you put your property on the market and be one step ahead of the buyer.


The last thing you need is that the sale falls over due to issues that you were not aware of.

New Home (Handover) Inspections

Moving into a newly built or renovated home?


We will inspect your home to ensure that all defects, non-compliant issues and incomplete works are identified.


Our report will help you get the quality of home you deserve.

Rental Inspections

We will inspect your rental to determine the entry and exit condition of your rental.

Dilapidation Reports

Our reports will provide a condition of properties for builders, owners and insurers in the event of damage resulting from works such as sheet piling, site excavations, excessive vibration or damage done by nearby construction works.


We will identify all cracking and damage to existing building elements with photographic evidence in our reports.  Our reports will cover roads, kerb and channelling, footpaths, signage, structures internal and external.


A re-inspection after the completion of the nearby construction works will confirm if any further damage has occurred.

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