Rental Inspections

Rental Inspections | BMC Inspections Gold Coast Company
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Rental Inspections

We Provide Professional Rental Inspections in Your Gold Coast Suburb

We understand that your investment property, is just as important to you as your home, and you want to ensure it’s always in a safe and liveable condition. If a tenant injures themselves whilst living in your investment property because of a defect you haven’t rectified, you could be liable.

To help you prevent an unnecessary law suit, we offer professional rental inspections on both tenant entry and tenant exit. This means that any possible defects can be dealt with sooner rather than later, guaranteeing they don’t turn into big costly issues down the track.

Rental Inspection | Gold Coast | Bmc Inspections

Our Rental Inspections Are Comprehensive and Detail Orientated

Our rental inspections are comprehensive and detail oriented, ensuring all aspects of your investment property are surveyed. We look for things like structural damage, pest infestations, hazards and defects, so you can be aware of anything that may make your property unsafe for tenants or decrease its value.

Our Rental Inspections Come with a Thorough Report

Our rental inspections come with a thorough report, which you receive within 24 hours of your inspection. Your report will give you an overview of your properties condition and will detail where repairs or attention are needed.

Our Rental Inspection Reports Are Official Documents

Our rental inspection reports are official documents that can be used in rental disputes. If your tenant has caused damage to your property but is alleging the damage has been there all along, all you have to do is present your rental inspection report.

Contact Our Gold Coast Team to Learn More about Our Rental Inspections

If you would like a comprehensive and professional rental inspection, that doesn’t skip any corners contact our Gold Coast team. We’re committed to providing you peace of mind, whether your tenants are about to move in, or they’ve just moved out.

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