Pre – Sale Building Inspections

Pre Sale Building Inspection Gold Coast | BMC Inspections
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Pre – Sale Building Inspections

Pre-Sale Building Inspections Can Save You Thousands

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? The best thing you can do for your peace of mind and your pocket is to enlist the service of a pre-sale building inspection expert. Why? We can help you ensure that your home is in a liveable and safe condition, free from structural damage and pests. This means that you can enter a contract with confidence, and not have to worry about any unexpected issues arising and causing the sale to fall through.

Pre-Sale Building Inspection | Gold Coast | Bmc Inspections

Your Pre-Sale Building Inspection Gives You the Knowledge to Make Informed Decisions

Knowledge is power in the property market, and when you know the exact condition of your perspective home, you can make informed decisions on how to move forward. Whether this means being able to organise repairs before you put your home on the market or being able to increase your sale price to better match the value of your property.

Our Pre-Sale Building Inspection Includes a Comprehensive Report

All of our pre-sale building inspections include a comprehensive report which details every aspect of our findings. We ensure all inspection reports are in your hands within 24 hours of the property’s inspection, so your sale process isn’t halted any longer than necessary.

 We’re an Independent Pre-Sale Building Inspection Company

We’re an independent pre-sale building inspection company, which means we don’t have to answer to anyone but our customers. You can feel confident knowing that our reports are honest, and their only purpose is to provide you with accurate information regarding your home’s condition.

Contact our Gold Coast team for More information on Our Pre-Sale Building Inspections

For more information on our honest and experienced pre-sale building inspections, contact our Gold Coast team . We understand that putting your home on the market can be both an exciting and overwhelming process, and we’re here to help make that process a little easier.

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