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Pre Handover Inspections Gold Coast | New Home Handover Inspections
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Pre Handover Inspections

Ensure the Quality of Your New Build with Our New Home and Handover Inspections

Have you just finished building a new home? Just because the build is finished, doesn’t mean your checklist is. One final thing you need to do before you move in, is schedule a new home building inspection with the qualified and licenced team at BMC Inspections.  With our new home pre handover inspections, you can ensure the quality of your new build before you move in, meaning you won’t discover any nasty surprises after you get handed the keys.

New Home Handover Inspection | Gold Coast | Bmc Inspections


What Can a New Home Building Inspection Reveal?

With our experience, qualifications and licences we have the expertise to discover a range of property defects from incorrect installations, to structural issues. We’ll also assess your plans and ensure that every aspect of your home has been built to code and your home is compliant with local council requirements.

Our New Home Building Inspections Come with A Comprehensive Report

Our new home Building inspections come with a comprehensive report, meaning you get a full understanding of every facet of your new home, from the interior to the exterior.

Your New Home Building Inspection Report Will Include:

  • Details of all major defects including structural issues that can cause further damage to the property
  • Details of minor defects that are cosmetic and items that may require periodic maintenance
  • Safety hazards that may cause harm
  • Evidence of timber pests whether active or not
  • Photographic record of all defects

We’re an Independent, Non-Biased Inspections Company

When it comes to any of our inspections, you can have peace of mind knowing we don’t have to answer to anyone but you. Our reports are honest and accurate, giving you the tools you need if an issue arises.

For More on Our New Home Building Inspections, Contact our Gold Coast Team

Don’t let the excitement of your new build be ruined by shoddy craftsmanship. Contact our Gold Coast team to learn more about how a new home building inspection can ensure you get the brand-new, quality-built home you deserve.

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