Why Choose BMC Inspections

Why Choose BMC Inspections | Building & Pest Inspections
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Why Choose BMC Inspections

If you are looking for quality building and pest inspections on the Gold Coast, then look no further. BMC Inspections specialise in:
• Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
• Timber Pest Inspections
• Pre-Sale Building and Timber Pest Inspections.
Our experienced team are committed to assisting those wishing to buy a new property or those preparing their properties before placing them on the market. If you’re looking for reason to use our services, then read more below.

All Access

At BMC Inspections we conduct an in-depth, full-scale inspection of your home. We access all areas including sub-floors and roof spaces subject to health and safety regulations. We use the latest thermal imaging technology with every inspection to ensure that your property is inspected thoroughly.

Quick service

When you request an inspection with BMC Inspections, we will ensure that your home is inspected as soon as possible. After the inspection is complete you will receive a comprehensive report, including photos, within 24 hours.

Great customer service

Our team are committed to outstanding service. We welcome our clients to attend our inspections and are happy to provide professional advice where needed. The inspection reports we provide are easy to read and to understand and include high-quality, colour photographs.

Fully licenced and insured

BMC Inspections are fully licenced and insured as per QBCC requirements. We hold a current QBCC Building Licence and a Completed Residential Inspection Licence. We also hold a Queensland Health Pest Management Technician Licence, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Totally independent

We are totally independent of Real Estate Agents or other agencies and pride ourselves on offering unbiased building and pest inspections. Remember, inspections that have been arranged by the current owner or real estate agent will more than likely be biased!
If you’re interested in an unbiased and in-depth building and pest inspection, then contact BMC Inspections today. Independent, fully licenced and insured, we guarantee outstanding service and thorough inspections.

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